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Sunday, February 8, 2009

WordPress › Support » Have a page template that includes posts?

WordPress › Support » Have a page template that includes posts?:

Is it possible to have a page template that can also fetch posts? I know that's not the clearest explanation. What I want to have is a page template that will display the page's title and content, but can also then fetch posts in a specified way (in my case it's fetching a specific category of posts)and display them underneath. Is this possible?

You can make a page template that works just like the main index page and then add a query for that particular category so only those posts show.
For example, if you make a new template using the code from you main index template you can add something like the following

insert it right before the following loop starts

Sunday, November 30, 2008

How to increase your traffic (7 or 8 ways)

Below are 6 ideal ways i can recommend to increase your traffic, that i found on a blog rate directory forum I personally recommend paying attention to them. After the 6 methods, are my additions that i posted as a reply to that post on the blog rate directory forum
1. Search engines- This is by far the most common way to gain traffic to your site. If you have opportunity to view the log files of a popular website, you will see that they derive a large portion of their daily traffic from search engines. If you want to improve your performance with the search engines, you need to study and understand how they work.

2. Number of pages on your site- This one only makes sense when you think about. The more pages your site has, the higher your traffic will be. Think about it. If you have 5 pages on your site and every visitor looks at all 5, then that equals 5 hits per visitor. If 5 people visit, that equals 25 page views and so on and so forth. Having more pages will increase your search engine traffic.

3. Optimize all your pages- If you are going for SEO, be sure you optimize all of your pages not just your home page. This ensures that your site pages are coming up under multiple search phrases and not simply just your home page. This brings in more specific types of traffic and people who are actually interested in your site which will lead to a higher conversion rate. Better optimization on each of your pages will lead to more traffic and success.

4. Domain name- If you can get keywords actually in your domain name, this can increase your search ranking and traffic as well. While it is not always possible, it is very beneficial if you can pull it off.

5. Check your log files- Once you have launched your site, be sure to watch and study your log files to see what types of keywords people are typing in to find your site. These log files will show you what search engine keywords brought people to your site and often, you will be surprised at what you see. This will help you make changes to your site to increase the traffic based on those facts taken from the log files.

6. Link popularity- A higher number of incoming links will boost your search engine rankings as well. Remember that quality of quantity is best when choosing the sites you will link share with.

What one can also do is post comments and blog on other blogs and forums and make deep links - deep links is when you use a keyword from your site as a word to embed a link to your page into.
If you post these embedded links like this one [url=]"SEO"[/url] then that keyword will gain more importance on your website and the search engines will be more likely to rate you highly when searches for that keyword are made. Post articles on blogs and article sites with links to your homepage in. keep the topic relevant too.
Choosing Websites that are topic related to yours will aid googles ranking method in ranking you, but linking from multitopic forums and article websites that are not directly related to your topic will not harm you too much as it used to, due to the fact that i do not believe google stupid enough to penalize you for a "product forum" referring to your site that is about "tibetan hats" - namely because a tibetan hat is also a product, and to put automated penalisations into a web ranking robot script would cause irrelevant penalizations that are in fact legitimate links in context to the website they are pointing to.

So if you use the word[url=] "Watch Movies Online free"[/url] for a link to your movie site, then the words "watch movies online free" might cause you to get a ranking on a search results page, and therefore, more traffic - the more keywords you control the better. tepeated use of this word as a link in various websites of high pagerank will get your search results in there.

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Widgets against deep linking

Most widgets will take traffic away from you - as well as many blogrolls - when i do a search for my website using the site name the many other sites come up because that sitename is embedded in theirs as a link - so your pagerank goes up from such reciprocal linking but not in the sense of Deep Linking and other sites get to take some of your result standings (positions) through use of yout site name or link word used embedded. I sugggest that you use your sitename embedded in links on your own site too and also to embed your keywords as links to your sites in forums and other websites and blogs (comments) that receive lots of traffic - as well as including the url of your website in your profile or signature, this will increase your traffic greatly. Of course, you should also post on relevant sites that are topic related to yours, so the traffic that visits your site is optimized, and will be interested in the content of your site. Reciprocal linking is great for pagerank and also traffic (if the site linking to you displays your link visibly to a highly visited page), but it also has a disadvantage of stealing page position in the search results from you. Deep linking however also gets you in the search engines, and brings you direct traffic if posted in the right places at the right time, and on the relevant subjects. :)

Try web ceo for a free method/tool for optimizing, finding link partners, and search engine submission.