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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Reciprocal Links and the importance they have

Reciprocal links are very useful when it comes to getting rated well by search engines, especially by google.
Since google's "Jagger" Update, the incoming and outgoing links to and from your homepage are scrutinized for their theme-relatednesss.
By "theme-relatednesss", i mean that if the websites linking to you and that you link to have a certain similarity as far as profession, content and topic orientation are concerned.
If there is a relation between the linked websites, then google will increase the importance it lends to your website.
The "ranking" of the sites linking to you is also of relevance.
Try to get well ranked, topic/theme related websites to link to you.
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Another way to get yourself linked up is to do "Deep Linking"; Deep Linking is made by posting in different blogs and forums that have a high page rank and come up top in the search engines for important keywords. Whilst posting, you should think of which keywords you wish google & Co. to create a connection with (some websites get top ranking for their chosen keywords because of this) - google & Co. will connect your site with a word that occurs as a link to you coming from many other important web pages. For example, if you have a website about making money online, called, let's say "" and you post 3000 posts on different blogs, using the word "make money online", then it is most likely that this website wil recieve a top ranking when people use this keyword in a search. So deep link as much as you can, even if it doesn't get your google ranking a booster, at least it will bring traffic to your website from the people who visit those blogs and forums! And as we know, traffic is the most important thing of all needed to make a decent amount of conversions when it comes to afilliate marketing techniques.
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Just in Case you don't know what afilliate marketing is, i will tell you; afilliate marketing is the use of a website that serves as a representative for advertisers to get their ads on people's websites.By registering with an "Afilliate Program" (such as clickbank), you can get the code for different targeted ads and place them on your website to try to make sales/clicks.

Some free hosted blogs let you put your ads up, such as "Blogger" and "Wordpress"
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Marketing sense is needed to make monmey with afilliate banners and textlinks, so try to choose wisely, being careful to choose ads that are related to the content of your blog.
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The more links your get and higher ranking you recieve will result in you recieving requests from other websites for reciprocal links.
Try to choose links to sites that are theme related to yours, as google penalizes for linking to sites that have nothing in common, if you overdo it they class it as an attempt to fool their program for the sake of ranking (true, true lol).
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